Bright Eyed Boy

Bright Eyed Boy

South African Art Piece by Artist and Metalsmith Charl Enslin, made from Glass, Found Object, Mild Steel and Black Wood.

Glass blowing into the moulds originated during the Roman times already it was blown into wooden mould and clay moulds.”

To make this unique piece of art, used glass was blown into a mild steel split mould, to create this piece of art. Charles Enslin wanted  to create a mask-like face made from recycled glass. “ Bright Eyed Boy” is an art piece made from glass, mild steel and black wood that represents the excitement of a young “tool boy”- a boy being allowed to play with his father’s tools… how he remembered working with his father’s and uncle’s tools while growing up… blacksmithing, boiler making….

The head and base becomes a bust of an exited character. The “tools” on the base being “stitched” on with steel, the open pliers becomes a stick figure in itself…. The bottle opener a companion to explore opportunities which  may arise.

The steel moulds are use repeatedly but one never achieve the same effect twice – i.e.. every piece has a unique character and feel to it.

  • Date 14 Oct 2019
  • Tags Blackwood, Glass, Mild Steel

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